Royalclub Vintage 300ml Glass Goblets 6pcs Set

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Do you want your dinner parties to look 100 times classier without spending too much? Well, the Royalclub Vintage Goblet Set is your one and only solution! These premium goblets will make your dinner setup Instagram-worthy and might even make your party worthy for royalty. Part of our company’s vision is to make any home dinner feel and look like royalty without splurging too much-- and this goblet set is the perfect example. 

The design says it all. The attention to detail is superb with these meticulously crafted glasses, and anyone of your guests and family members will instantly get impressed!


TD9.0 x BD8.0 x H17.0cm

Glass Type: Lead-Free Highball Glass

Technology: Machine Pressed

Dishwasher safe

Packing: 6pcs one-color/Gift box

28L x 19W x 18H = 2.7kgs

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Judith Ayre
Good shopping experience and didn’t take long to receive them, thankyou.

However after looking at them for some time now I don’t really like them. I love the design but . I hate the colour, not at all what I was expecting. Unfortunately too late to return them!

Sad to receive a one star rating on a personal preference on wrong colour selection with all good about the product and our service. Thanks Judith for helping us during this difficult times since we deserve to receive 5 stars.

Melitta Swieboda

Am very happy with my goblets. They came packed really well in the box. They bring back wonderful memories of positano where a little restaurant we frequented used these blue glass goblets. Thanks I'm very happy.

KJ Shaw
LOVE these wine glasses!

Totally recommend these. They look beautiful and are a lot stronger than all other glasses I have owned. May need to get the sparkling glasses to match!